6 Design Tips to Declutter and Spring Clean Your Home


Spring is just on the horizon; the sun is setting a little later, and our thoughts start to turn towards spring cleaning and freshening up our homes and furniture. There is no better feeling than when you have decluttered, organised and cleaned your house from top to bottom and then perhaps even treated yourself to some interior updates.  In this blog we give you advise on how to declutter and tidy tips for cleaning your home for the Spring.

1. Create cleaning schedule

You don’t need to do it all at once, we all live busy lives and taking a whole week out to clean isn’t necessarily practical.  Draw up a schedule for the next 4 – 6 weeks, sectioning off each room and then listing out all of the tasks that need to be completed in each room and when you plan to do them.  We find the best way is to complete one room at a time.

2. Categorise your clutter

Having a good sort through your clutter and possession and organising them into categories is a good idea.  Use 4 baskets or boxes and label them, move to another room, sell, Charity, Recycle and then also have a big bag handy for the unwanted items that can’t be re-purposed. Work your way through the room splitting items into the 4 boxes.  Once you have finished, put the charity items in the car ready to drop off (make sure you drop them off ASAP so that you are not tempted to take items back), put the recycling and rubbish out. Then it’s time to redistribute the items identified for another room and begin re-organising the items that you are keeping.

3. Invest in storage

Now that you have sorted through your home, make sure that your things stay organised with various storage options.  Plastic lidded storage boxes are perfect to hide away in cupboards, baskets and patterned fabric boxes look great on top of wardrobes, in the corner of a room or under the coffee table and upholstered ottomans make for a stylish, yet practical storage space.

4. Re-organise your wardrobe

Don’t forget to clear out your wardrobe and chest of drawers.  Try everything on, donate or sell the items that no longer fit or look good and bin the items that are past their best and get your family to do the same. Using a variety of storage, dividers, and clever hanging systems re-fold and organise your clothes so that your wardrobe is a work of art rather than somewhere to be ashamed of. There are loads of great tutorials and ideas online to help you, fold, hang and stack to your heart's content.

5. Stock up on cleaning supplies

Before you start your cleaning frenzy, make sure you are stocked up the cleaning supplies that you need.  Rubber gloves, sponges, microfiber cloths and kitchen roll are always needed. Plus, you will need an array of multipurpose cleaning products, we love the organic range from The Gentle Label.

6. Clean from top to bottom

Yes, so as the old saying goes, clean from the ceiling down.  Start with removing any cobwebs, wash walls, clean windows, dust skirting boards, vacuum, clean and mop floors.  Don’t forget to vacuum and refresh your upholstery and mattresses too. Spring is also a great time to get bedding cleaned and buy or swap to a lower tog, as the weather starts to get a little warmer.

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14 February, 2018
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