A five-year guarantee is included on upholstered furniture and handcrafted mirrors at Mood Collections. We are confident in the quality and craftsmanship of our made-to-order items and we know that they have been made to last. To give you piece of mind, we offer a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all made-to-order luxury beds, headboards, chairs, footstools, storage ottomans, chaise lounges, end of bed benches and handcrafted mirrors. So, in the unlikely event that our workmanship isn’t up to our high standards, we will repair or replace your item.

The 5-year guarantee excludes stock mirrors, cushions, throws, accessories, bed linen, lighting and occasional furniture as well as goods purchased from our clearance sections or ex-display items, this does not affect your statutory rights.

This guarantee does not cover fair wear and tear, cosmetic deterioration (including the natural ageing of constituent materials), neglect, abuse or misuse of your goods.
A decision on the replacement or repair of your product will be based on the review of photographic evidence provided by you, the customer and/or a visit to your home for closer inspection.

If your fault is deemed to be a non-manufacturing or construction fault, we may be able to offer you, where appropriate, a quote for a repair or replacement part, but are in no way obliged to do so. Our decision will be final. Examples of manufacturing and construction faults include, but are not limited to:

 Upholstered furniture- faulty stitching, loose or missing fittings and delimitation of fabrics Handcrafted Mirrors- The mirrors coming away from the backboard, the fixings not correctly adhered to the backboard, marks in the rear of the mirror or glass sections (not on the face)

The following are examples of non-manufacturing or construction faults (the list is not exhaustive):

 Fair wear and tear, wilful damage, negligence, abnormal storage or working conditions


        1.    Wood reacts to sunlight and changes in temperature and humidity which can also cause solid wood to warp or split.
        2.    Leather may not be uniform in colour or texture and may show natural marks and scars on the hides.
        3.     Leathers and fabrics may fade with exposure to direct sunlight.


        1.    Any scratches, chips or other marks in the glass must be reported immediately with pictures before the courier leaves to ensure that these were caused either during manufacturing or delivery. Any damages which are not reported with supporting evidence will be deemed to have occurred while the items are in your possession and therefore will not be accepted as manufacturing faults.
        2.    Any breakages which occur during the products use
        3.    If your product does not look as it does on the website image as these images are indicative of what the final product will look like; tinted mirror and painted glass will look different on every screen depending on your screen settings.
        4.    All patterns on mirrors and mirrored products are created by hand; therefore each one will be unique and different to those on the website, which is indicative of the final product.
        5.    Our mirrors are handmade and are supplied to the Glass and Glazing Federation’s standards and tolerances on mirrors and clear glass
        6.    Ageing of mirrors is influenced by the environment they are in. Hot and humid climates speed up this process, as do environments where there is no air flow or if a greenhouse effect is created
        7.    Cosmetic damage to the rear of the backboards, which does not affect how the product is designed to be used

We will not be liable for the guarantee of any goods in the following instances:

       1.   Which you continue to use after giving notice to us of any defects, manufacturing or construction faults

       2.   Where the defect arises because you failed to follow our oral or written communication as to the installation, use and/or maintenance of the products

       3.   Where you alter or repair our products without our written consent

       4.   The products differ from their description or the specification (if given) as a result of changes made to ensure they comply with any applicable regulatory or statutory requirements.

       5.   Our guarantees only apply to goods delivered to mainland UK. If the products are removed from mainland UK and you wish to claim under the terms of the guarantee, you will be responsible for any additional shipping costs.

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