Customers’ Own Material Service

Our highly skilled team can use your supplied fabric to make many of our bespoke upholstered bedroom, living room and dining room furniture. You will need to ensure that your fabric is of upholstery quality -your fabric supplier should be able to confirm this for you.

To comply with UK legislation and to safeguard all parties we ask that flame retardantfabric is supplied. It must meet Schedule 4 and Schedule 5 Part 1 Source 0+1 of the (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 Furniture and Fillings(Cigarette & Match Test (BS5852).Non-flame retardant material can be used on headboards and furniture (excluding beds); this is subject to the following conditions.

If the fabric is minimum 75% natural fibres we will use a fire retardant interliner for you and will apply a 10% surcharge for the additional upholstery time and supply of the interliner. Natural fibres include cotton, wool, flax, linen, viscose or modal.

When you place your order, please ensure that you have provided us with the necessary information for us to make your item.

For example, is there a particular part of the pattern to be centralised? Does the fabric need to run in a particular direction? If your fabric hasa pattern we ask for two additional pattern repeats (or one for a stool) in addition to the listed fabric requirement.

Please be aware that if a fabric is directional, seams will be required where the panel is wider than the width of the fabric roll



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